Wizard Farm (FKA Infinite Walrus) have just come off winning the Radio 1041 FM battle of the bands and their opening set for Panic! At the Disco and have now released their new official music video for their track Thin White Duke.

The track is from their debut album Time I Can't Find, which has been received with critical acclaim from their rapidly expanding following. It has been described as a unique mashup of psychedelic pop rock and soul funk that captivates listeners with its dancy grooves, stunning harmonies, and crazy interesting structure and instrumentation.

This is their first official video, produced by director and digital artist ShaderBoy, who's collaborated with Wizard Farm before on their live visuals. It falls perfectly in with the tripped out, space-inspired sounds of the music itself by taking the viewer on a brainmelting journey through a land of vivid color schemes and very strange characters and back out into the insanity of traveling through time and space.